Wigan Zoo set to display a rare Jacob Rees-Mogg

Curators at Wigan Zoo, one of the finest animal sanctuaries in Britain, have announced their latest prize exhibit, a Jacob Rees-Mogg (Poshtwaticus Poshtwaticus).

The Zoo had heard rumours of the existence of the mythical “Super Posh Tory”, but they never thought a live display would be possible. Their plans received a boost when they got Lottery Funding, to allow them to prepare a small castle, the Bertie Wooster Wing, in which to house the exhibit.

RIP The much loved truth and justice campaigner, Smears Morgan

We are very saddened to hear of the untimely death of the controversial truth campaigner and stalwart fighter for truth, justice and integrity.

Renowned as the editor of several National Newspapers, and as a known associate of Rupert Murdoch, Smears was never one to not go far enough.

Little Englanders demand golf respects the views of Brexit and stops including bloody foreigners in the Ryder Cup

Little Englanders, such as Naughty Nigel, Bonking Boris, Mad Michael and Jolly Jakes believe Brexit means Brexit. Now the Little Englanders have gone full gammon after seeing the EU Flags flying during the Ryder Cup. They want golf to respect the views of all Brexiteers and bin all them damn foreigners.

Interviewed in the Brussels sponsored EU Corporate Entertainment suite at the Ryder Cup, Naughty Nigel wanted to know what the golfing authorities thought they were doing including foreigners on the same team as England and Norn Ireland.

RIP Gobby Robinson fearless champion of free speech and England’s saviour

Today all England grieves for the loss of this modern day St George, killed when his Bentley Continental hit a lorry load of gammon, on the M1.

Like many truth and justice campaigners he’d a chequered history prior to his revelation that there was money and power to be had from demonising minorities.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon experimented with many names before settling on a something that would resonate well with the those from a more urban background. He abandoned Andrew McMaster as it was too Scottish and Paul Harris because of its connotations with the other famous Harris, Rolf.  Gobby Robinson, it appears, was more in line with the names of those brave soldiers who died building the British Empire.