All change at Aryan Air as Tommy is, ironically, booted out of his seat to make way for Sir Phillip Green

On Tuesday we sensationally revealed the dramatic appointment of Tommy Robinson to the Board of Aryan Air. However, in the fast moving world of international business he has been sensationally dismissed, to be replaced by local bad boy Sir Phillip Green.

Real Madrid are 4 points off the lead, are they looking for an English manager?

After a perilously poor start to the season, it seems the Spanish giants Real Madrid are already on the lookout for a new manager. Sitting a heinous 4 points from the top of La Liga having been beaten by Levante (a team they thumped 1-1 last season), the club is ready to can their current boss, the mid-ranking sales executive-turned-professional football manager, Julen Lopetegui.

Tommy Robinson takes over as Director of Gammontry at Aryan Air

After Aryan Air, inadvertently, allowed a black man to board their flight from Gatwick to Dublin, the airline has decided an image make over is needed. In an attempt to reinforce their traditional cultural values, Aryan Air has appointed a new Director, Tommy Robinson.

Aryan Air in a social media race row after they asked a black man to leave the plane

There was uproar on the Aryan Air flight, from Gatwick to Dublin, when Barry Gammon (54) found himself sitting next to Obi Okeke (36) from Streatham. A very public row broke out when Mr Gammon refused to sit next to Mr Okeke,  shouting,’ I’m not sitting next to a darkie. Its disgusting, I fly with Aryan Air so I don’t have too. If he sits next to me I’m gonna hit him.”

100,000 angry Man Utd fans block the streets of West London in protest at Jose Mourinho

Saturday saw Chelsea take on Manchester United, ending in a 2-2 draw. However fans of Man Utd weren’t happy and 100,000 of them took to the streets of West London to voice their displeasure at the continued appointment of Jose Mourinho as the team’s manager.