Month: July 2019

Tony Adams to bring his experience of being tall to Rugby League

The sport of Rugby League faces an exciting new dawn with the arrival of a fresh face in the much-vaunted Presidential throne, none other than footballing genius and waistcoat innovator, Tony Adams.

Some may be sceptical over Adams’s knowledge and understanding of the sport, but Tony is quick to put such claims to bed; “I understand they use their hands and throw the ball around, which will take some getting used to as in football this is not often the done thing. I’ve also noticed that Rugby League players seem to be fucking huge, which is another difference that I have identified.”

A Gary Owen

Ever looked at a satirical news story and thought “I can do better than that”? Well, why not give it a go?

We are an online, topical, poo flinging satirical news site, looking to carve out our little niche on the internet.

We specialise in giving new writers an opportunity to have their work published.  Continue reading “Ever looked at a satirical news story and thought “I can do better than that”? Well, why not give it a go?”

Bozo Johnson gets One-Star review from The Scotsmen at Fringe Festival

In Edinburgh, at the World’s largest comedy festival, ‘Bozo’ Johnson gets a one star review from The Scotsmen.

His agent said, “Obviously we’re disappointed that Bozo’s clown show wasn’t better recieved. We put almost no work into preparing for the festival and we’re gutted that the reviewers didn’t acknowledge the complete lack of effort.”

Bozo gets one1

On the 100th Anniversary of the first Council House, Liz Windsor tells us what it was like living in one

It’s the 100th Anniversary of the building of the first Council House. We asked Westminster Council’s oldest living tenant, Mrs Liz Windsor, what it’s been like living and raising a family in publicly rented accommodation.

“It’s been brilliant, we were so lucky to be first on the housing ladder. Finding affordable, family accommodation in the centre of London was very difficult.”

One says more, here!

As Johnson takes over record numbers attempt to flee to Narnia

A record number of call outs to the London Fire Brigade, has sparked an urgent investigation. 

After an epic volume of incidents, where victims became trapped in their wardrobes, ‘heat stroke and confusion’, were thought to be the prime suspects. 

On closer inspection however, it became evident that the casualties were in fact, ‘attempting to escape to Narnia.’ 

Come on in!