Month: August 2019

Satan orders in extra kindling in readiness for Boris’s arrival

Coal and log merchants are rubbing their hands in glee after the Devil announced extra deliveries of fuel so he can ensure the fires of Hell will be burning really brightly and hotly in time for the arrival of Boris Johnson.

Johnson is already known to want to be in charge immediately on his arrival in Hell and an epic argument over who rules for all of eternity is expected.

More kindling!

Jessica Fostekew – Hench – A Review

This review was originally published on Fringe Review on the 12 August 2019

Low Down

Hench means strong, fit, and having well-developed muscles. This is a powerful, in your face, riot of comedy delivered by an outstanding comic talent.  Jessica Fostekew is Hench.


Jessica Fostekew bounces on to the stage, and straight into the show. There is no preamble. She tells us about herself, what Hench means and a bit about her message. The audience were on board from the start.


Boris says ‘it’s a good day to bury bad news under Bury’

Fans of Bury Football Club are livid today after Prime Minister Boris Johnson took away their momentary “top of the headlines” position on the BBC News website. 

The club does not ordinarily make the headlines, even in Bury, but the sad business of a football club going into liquidation has captured the public’s hearts. 

RIP The Shakers

UK to be renamed ‘The Great Democratic People’s Republic of Britain’

The Government plans to make Britain more democratic by shutting down Parliament. As a result the UK will be renamed The Great Democratic People’s Republic of Britain’.

In what is being hailed as a breakthrough in ‘thinking the unthinkable’, ‘blue skying’ and ‘spinning the unspinable’ Boris justified his actions by saying, ‘The last thing we need is that bunch of muppets interfering in the Grand Plan’.

Closed by order of the clown!