Grandad, what did you do in the Corona War?

“Well, Jimmy! I did fuck all, absolutely diddly squat. I sat on my arse and watched box sets on the telly. In those days you had box sets for everything, you could get shows from all over the world.”

Before the war started, people used to moan that there was not enough time to watch everything on Netflix, Amazon and proper telly. Turns out they were wrong. Once the virus started, we found we could watch it all.”

“I just sat on the sofa, eating tubes of Pringles, bags of Doritos, and the odd chocolate digestive. I gave my all for Queen and Country.”

Fighting in the Corona War

“You see, Jimmy, back then you had to to do your duty. That was mine. Turns out I was naturally talented. The years of practice, with your gran bringing me cups of tea, sandwiches and take away’s were the perfect preparation for the war.”

Grandad was awarded the Medal of Honour for services to his country, and a statue erected in Trafalgar Square. Although he died two years later, from a combination of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes, a Bank Holiday still remembers his service.

As for little Jimmy, he has grown up to be just like his Grandad!