Baccy giant BAT Bowled By Covid

A middle-ranking manager of British American Tobacco (BAT) has claimed that after 118 years the company are contemplating changing their name.

This is according to Ryan Calder who is convinced he’s seen a memo to that effect on a desk.

Ryan Calder, manager at BAT Australia

Calder who works at BAT Australia in Potts Point, New South Wales said “Yeah mate! I deffo saw a memo on a desk in an office on the top floor”

He added “Stands to reason! – I mean strewth! Who’d wanna be associated with bats at this time, hey? And! …the memory of it ain’t gonna go any time soon after either.

Calder, a middle child who identifies deeply with the character David Brent in the Ricky Gervais series ‘The Office’, further claims the negative association is beginning to happen with people in urban areas already referring to having a cigarette as ‘smoking a Covid’

Smoking a Covid

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