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There is a much longer guide to writing a satirical news story, here; Writing For The Chatty Chimp

The most important thing is to have a go.

Here are some recent stories

That’s a Chubby Unicorn!

Fantasy Theme Park visit doesn’t have a happy ending

It was pink and glittery as advertised, but the skin looked suspiciously like spandex.

Still better than Easy jet

Ryan Air launch Calais/Dover Ferry Service

Anyone refusing to pay, has the option to swim, after all, it’s a free country. What’s more, our landing points are miles away from anywhere, just like the real thing!

If you don’t leave I’ll start playing the James Blunt

Illegal partygoers to be Strung Out!

Strung Out said “We have all been at a party where someone gets an acoustic guitar and starts playing Wonderwall: The room clears in seconds.