‘NAMETESTS’ App Tells Truth Shock

Users of a social media app that appraises their answers to quizzes and questions, and then gives them assessments of their character, personality and other personal traits, have been stunned and horrified it’s started to reveal the truth about them.

Examples reported include from …..
‘You are a strong, independent. kind person. But take care there is one who is unjust in their judgement of your loving disposition’

NAMETESTS provided the following statement about a Mr B Johnson from London, ‘You are a strong independent person because you don’t trust anybody. Any type of relationship has been a complete disaster. It’s never your fault when things go wrong, and if you think you’ve been unjustly judged, you turn into a psychotic nemesis needing a court restraining order’

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson wanker

‘Nametests’ which has 120 million monthly active users thanks to Facebook pages in different languages, is said to have had at least 4 million at any one time completely reassessing their lives and how they are with other people around them.

Reports suggest that as many as 1 million users worldwide have also disappeared to ‘find themselves’

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