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Donald Trump giving a speech
You can be anything, if your Daddy is rich enough, look at me!

I was a horrible failure as a businessman, husband, and father. I was such a train wreck that they gave me a show on reality TV. But with this program, I was able to ignore the Constitution (which I didn’t read anyway,) seat unqualified lickspittles in the judiciary, and make millions! Phone support is great! Vlad was my rock, that night I called crying about the peasants revolting. I highly recommend this program!” –Donald T.

How to deal with Revolting Peasants!

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This is a paid advertisment on behalf of Vlad Putin Power Enterprises Ltd, where no country is too small for us to make a killing, just look at the UK!

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One day you could grow up to be President

A motivational message reminding you that one day, you too could grow up to be President. If this idiot can do it, what’s your excuse!

And yes, we do ship to the States

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Three of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are in quarantine

Corona Virus pandemic has forced three of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse into self-isolation Death, however, is still at work.

I’m in a bubble

Everyone is to be issued with a Zorb ball

Everyone will get a Zorbing Ball, that way they can socially distance, stay safe and save the plastics industry.

You dirty bastard, clean your fridge

Clean Your Fridge Campaign launched as mouldy food achieves sentience

The mould evolved after the internet enabled fridge accessed Google