The Silent Majority, Choir Invisibule and Absent Friends join Trump Rally

On Saturday Donald Trump held a rally for the The Silent Majority, the Choir Invisibule, and Absent Friends. The event at the BOK Center in Tulsa was massively oversubscribed, drawing a host of millions.

There was an expectation that this would be the most widely attended event of Donald’s Tour. The tour organisers arranged extra capacity, using the stadium car park and a nearby convention centre to meet demand.

Donald Trump giving a speech
read my lips

In his speech, President Trump said, “I am here to talk to you with words, I have some of the best words, they are the wordiest words, they’re great!”. 

One delegate, from The Silent Majority, told The Chatty Chimp, “…………………….”.

The Invisible Man, 20/6/20, Tulsa

The Whitehouse hailed the night as one of Donald’s greatest, claiming that the record attendance showed the commitment that the people have to The President. “That so many of those who couldn’t be here, travelled up to 24 hours to listen to the President’s message, is a testament to his greatness as a leader.” Said one shill.

President Trump blasted main-stream media for showing pictures of an empty stadium, claiming it was ‘fake news’ and that the educated media were trying to confuse people with facts and evidence.”

and only 6,000 turned up, 4,000 were paid to be there!

Meanwhile, in other news, Barack Obama was admitted to hospital after he nearly ‘died laughing’. We wish him well in his recovery.

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