Millionaire winner celebrates with a caravan holiday

Fans of ITV’s hit show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, groaned aloud collectively when this week’s million pound prize winner, Donald Fear, announced that he had celebrated his win with a caravanning holiday.

Fear, from Telford, a soon-to-be-retired teacher, was seen to know everything about everything on his way to the jackpot. However, when it came to knowing what to do with the money, his teacher’s instinct kicked in immediately and the country’s latest millionaire demonstrated he knew nothing.

What a crippling waste of cash. I would have been out at £32,000, as usual, but at least I’d have been straight on Autotrader looking for a cheap Aston Martin. Fear is giving most of it away when he should be announcing he can now afford to live somewhere nice instead of Telford and weighing up the pros and cons of Bentley versus Rolls-Royce. It’s obvious he should be doing that. He can phone me and ask me if he likes. He didn’t use his phone-a-friend and I can tell him with certainty how to spend it all.

Ian Napton, viewer and Morlock

Napton wasn’t alone in his views. ITV’s switchboard was bombarded by callers, all of whom were incensed that “Captain Boring types shouldn’t be allowed to play for that sort of money if they don’t know what to do with it.”

Not everybody was impressed by Fear’s win, however. A Mrs Victoria Beckham told us, “It’s a shame when people don’t win much.”

Meanwhile, Britain continues.

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