Here is another review of the excellent Bavard Bar

We recently published a review of the Bavard Bar in Eastbourne, concluding that it was rather good. It transpires that Hastings Independent Press has also reviewed the St Leonard’s version. We thought it would be good to share their opinion with you.

If you follow the links, in the extract below, they will take you to the Bavard Bar website and the Hastings Independent Press full review.

John Robins – Hot Shame – A Review

This review was originally published on Fringe Review on the 8 August 2019

Low Down

John Robins, 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award winning comedian returns to Pleasance with self-lacerating soul bearing as he yells into the well. His show is appropriately called Hot Shame.


Better known as a radio presenter and for his comedy bromance with Elis James, John has not developed the stand up following of his peers. Although he started performing in 2005 and was part of a group of rising comedy talent, in terms of recognition John always seemed a little behind the others.