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Boris and the cash bags

Compass Community Art present an exhibition of satirical works

The Chatty Chimp is delighted to be supporting local charity Compass Community Arts and the projects that they provide in and around Eastbourne.

Our first collaboration will be an exhibition of satirical artwork providing a unique commentary on the biggest issue facing our generation, Brexit.

Waiting for Hamlet at The Printers Playhouse

Tuesday 29th October at Printers Playhouse, (7 for 7.30 p.m.) an initial reading of David Visick’s award-winning play Waiting For Hamlet performed by Tim Marriott and Nicholas Collett.

This is the first reading of a new play by these two professional actors. Usually, this work is done behind closed doors but we thought it would interesting to give everyone a chance to see how the pros approach a production from the beginning.

Fancy having a go at writing

Fancy having a go at writing something for The Chatty Chimp?

We are an online, topical, poo flinging satirical news site, looking to carve out our little niche on the internet. We write stories about life in the Monkey House.

Our platform is open to both new and experienced writers. It is there to urge funny people to put fingers to keyboard and in 250 words or less, tell us something we hadn’t thought of.

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