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Live Comedy, Skeptics and other Interesting Things

Here are some interesting things coming up. If you would like your event added to the list, please follow

This Week

DateEventWhat’s happeningLocation
15/1/19 @ 7.30
Maidstone Skeptics in The Pub

Robin Ince talks about his new book, exploring the inner mind of a brilliant stand up comedian.

Market House, 30 Earl Street, Maidstone, Kent
15/1/19 @ 7.30 p.m.
XS Malarkey

Hosted by Toby Hadoke, Manchester’s best comedy club and cheaper than chips. This week with Justin Moorhouse.

The Bread Shed,126 Grosvenor Street, Manchester

16/1/19 @7.30 p.m.

Gravesend Skeptics in The Pub

Dr Emma Smith talks about Alternative Therapies. We need to get rid of the boswellox

No. 84 Tea Room, 84 Parrock Road, Gravesend
16/1/19 @ 7.30 p.m.The Bavard Bar in St Leonards
TED talks for real people. If you’ve a passion come and talk about it for 15 minutes. Great Fun and an interesting evening, hosted by Tim Crook :
Kino-Theatre, 43-49 Norman Road, St Leonards-on-Sea

What’s coming up

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Satire under attack as Wetherspoons proves it can’t take a joke

The delightful pub chain JD Wetherspoons has started legal action against a Twitter parody account. It wants Twitter to reveal who is behind the very funny account. 

Here is a link to The Independent’s report

At The Chatty Chimp we believe in the right to take the mickey out of the great and the good. It is why we exist. Taking the piss is a very British trait, our culture is littered with irreverent, profane and satirical swipes at the establishment. 

Using the law, because you’re rich, to shut up dissenting voices, maybe legal but does not strike us as being very moral. 

We are asking all of our readers to follow @Wetherspoon__UK on Twitter and if possible, offer them your support. 

Wetherspoons removed their twitter account some time ago, which is a bit of a shame. 

Become an Ordained Minister of The Church of The Chatty Chimp and get a slot on Newsnight

Here at The Church of The Chatty Chimp we take our ministry seriously. In an effort to meet rising demand for crackpot monkey based religions, we need to increase the number of Primates, preaching the Gospels of Cheetah to the faithless.

No special knowledge or educational background is required, as full training will be given. Those with a fear of heights and an aversion to playing with their own poo need not apply. Continue reading “Become an Ordained Minister of The Church of The Chatty Chimp and get a slot on Newsnight”

The Gammonary – Ye Olde English Dictionary of worde, phrase und fable

In social media and everyday life it can be difficult to pin down the modern meanings and usages of words, phrases and acronyms. Fed up with the inclusion of foreign words into English, The Gammon Publishing Company decided to offer its own Dictionary,  ‘The Gammonary – Making English Great Again’.

Send any contributions or suggested amendments to or via our FB Page The Chatty Chimp or via @chatty_chimp on Twitter. Continue reading “The Gammonary – Ye Olde English Dictionary of worde, phrase und fable”

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