Author: Colin

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Breaking News – Nigel Farage's acceptance speech

“Well, what a night for the Brexit Party. A party which didn’t even exist two years ago and won’t exist any more in a few weeks’ time.

This is the greatest of victories. We may have no seats but we’ve polled nearly three million votes across the country and we’ve had a couple of almost seconds, several fourths and an honourable mention in Rochester. Clearly we are in tune with the British people.

I can hear her Maj saying ‘Arise Sir Nigel De Kent’

Breaking News – Corbyn's Concession Speech

“Nigel, sorry, I must interrupt your incessant droning on here in the studio as Jeremy Corbyn is about to speak.”

“I have telephoned Mr Johnson in the last half-hour and congratulated him on becoming the prime minister. However, despite falling short by 159 seats, this is a far, far greater victory for the Labour Party.

Although we have failed to win it’s still a stunning victory for the Labour Party