Author: Wild Gerald

Gerald has been running around the country, flinging poo, for many years. He is no longer wild, merely slightly annoyed.

Boris Johnson insists that Dominic Raab retake his Geography GCSE

There is some doubt about The Foreign Secretary’s qualification for such an important Cabinet position. Originally awarded a passing grade in Geography, his confusion over Wales position in the UK, and the strategic importance of Dover in Anglo-European trade has called this grading into question.

Travelling from the UK to Wales

The Great Lockdown Escape Plan, featuring every Tom, Dick and Harry

The Government releases details of their Great Lockdown Escape. Every home will receive a vaulting horse, wood stove and shovel.

The Cooler King

In his occasional address to the nation, Boris Johnson says that the Government wouldn’t be able to get everyone out at once. Some of you will have to remain locked up in lockdown.

You vill not escape, Englisher