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Yorkshire people are banned from London

Seeking things to ban, Priti Patel has outlawed the Yorkshire people from London.

“You can’t have these people coming down from the North, invading our cities and mixing with posh people. It’s not right. Think of the damage it will do to our children! Have you heard how these people speak? It’s like they don’t have teeth. I caught my niece saying ‘get ‘t foot o our stairs’ it’s out of control.”

Yorki gangs running rampant.

Union Jack painted upside-down on BJ’s new plane

The liberal elite took to social media, to ridicule the Prime Minister’s decision to spend £900,000 painting a flag on the tail fin of his aeroplane. Unfortunately for Mr Johnson, the Union Jack appears to have been painted upside down.

I know its something to do with a fat white line, says Gove.
What do you mean, it’s not the right way up?

Government supporters were quick to rebut allegations of more ministerial incompetence.

Upside-down Union Jack is a cry for help, someeone save us!

Where’s Wally sponsor Boris’s world-beating Track and Trace Programme

Where’s Wally are to sponsor Boris Johnson’s world-beating Track and Trace Programme.

A spokesman for the company said, “It seems like a natural fit. If you are out and about, but you ought to be inside, you’re a bit of a Wally, aren’t you? The instructions are clear.”

I see him here, I see him there, he could be anywhere

Quarantined footballer discovers a book

During the Corona Virus lockdown, many people have become bored watching TV, Netflix and endless YouTube videos. By happenchance, Manchester United’s star striker, Ian Napton, has discovered a book.

The incident occurred when his Chiropodist came around to pamper his tootsies. As she set up her oils and unguents, she took the book from her bag and placed it to one side.

But what happens next?