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Jagsie is a curmudgeonly old soul. He is not a great fan of the current American President as you can tell from some of the stories. We keep him around to remind the younger chimps of their future!

Emeritus Professor of History, Donald Maximus Trump re-writes American History

Emeritus Professor of History, President Donald Maximus Trump has uncovered evidence that changes our understanding of American history.

After minutes of absolutely no research, Professor Trump proudly announced the discovery of a previously unknown relationship between America and Ancient Rome.

What have the Romans ever done for us!

President is inept claims Ambassador but Trump says he’s never been there!

Donald Trump has responded to accusations, contained in an email sent by Britain’s top diplomat, that he is inept.

In a tweet, The President explained that he wasn’t in Ept, furthermore he had never been to Ept, he’d never heard of Ept and it was the last place he would ever ‘fuckin’’ go, he doesn’t even like pyramids. Before adding that this appears to be more Fake News, designed to put him ‘in Dutch’ with his wife.

Fake News, fAKE nEWS screams baby

Slaughter at Trump International Tower as shouts of “Yeehah” are mistaken for “Jihad”

President Trump has been implicated in the suppression of yet another unfavourable news story. Details of the latest mass shooting, in the Land of the Free, were hushed up to protect Donald’s financial backers, the NRA.

Tragedy struck at Trump International Tower (TIT), Chicago. Demonstrations are commonplace outside El Presidente’s Penis so his Bulgarian security team are well prepared for any eventuality. Continue reading “Slaughter at Trump International Tower as shouts of “Yeehah” are mistaken for “Jihad””