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Corbyn released as no evidence he’s trying to bring down government

Jeremy Corbyn was arrested under The Terrorism Act. He has since been released as there is insufficient evidence that he is trying to bring down the Government.

After having been outed by The Daily Mail as a terrorist many years ago, Jeremy Corbyn has been on the official watchlist as a ‘significant’ threat to an effective Tory Government. However, the risks may have been exaggerated.

What do we want? We dont’t know, When do we want it? Never

MP Suspended over sexual misconduct but it wasn’t Boris Johnson

Surprise across Westminster after an MP was suspended, pending an enquiry into allegations of sexual misconduct.

Whilst Parliament had been rife with rumours as to the identity of the MP in question, heavy money had been bet on it being Boris Johnson. Much to the tousle-haired rogue’s relief, it turned out to be someone else.

What do you mean it wasn’t Boris?

Boris unveils plans to rub out the word ‘Backstop’ from the Withdrawal Act

Today, at the Tory Party Conference, Boris Johnson unveiled his big Brexit busting plan.

In short, Boris has pledged to get a big rubber and erase the word ‘Backstop’ from Theresa May’s Withdrawl Agreement. Everything else stays the same.

Today, in ‘not a Scooby’ news, this!

Guardianista in hiding after shamefully agreeing with Piers Morgan

North London Guardianista, Ian Napton, has locked himself away in shame after agreeing with something said by Piers Morgan.

“I couldn’t believe I’d done it. I was sitting on the toilet, reading twitter and someone retweeted one of his tweets. Almost without thinking, I liked and shared it. Now my follower count is down to three, even the wife has changed her twitter name and unfollowed me.”