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“I give 110%, but it turns out I am shite!” says Professional Footballer

Kick About United’s star striker, Pat Mistit admits that he tries really hard. “My mum always told me that God loves a trier, and I try to follow that advice by giving 110%. I work hard for the team, I run further than anyone! I run up, down, sideways and backwards, I’m very good at running.”

but they still won the league!

Chris Grayling earns his own chapter in The Book of Heroic Failures

The former Minister for Cock-Up’s, Chris T! Grayling has been rewarded with his own chapter in the best-selling, Book of Heroic Failures.

Beating many of his contemporaries, Chris Grayling has risen to the top of his profession. When it comes to the colossal cock-up, he is without equal.

grayling; An insignificant little fish