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Having read a book on anatomy Old Guy retires from satire to be a Doctor

It is with heavy heart that I announce my retirement from snarky commentary on world events. I am embarking on a new, exciting endeavour. Inspired by my close friend, Jared “Nepotizzy” Kushner, I am going to hang out my shingle. (Sorry for the old-timey phrase, it means I’m going into business.)

Kushy Kushner
Jared Kushner at his father side, totally on merit
What’s up doc?

Pupin wins Puppeteer of the Year with his show ‘The Puppet States’

The International Order of Puppeteers has chosen this year’s winner of Puppeteer of the Year recipient, sock puppet master Vladislav Pupin.

News of Pupin’s win broke last night, after winning the award with a first-ever unanimous vote by IOP judges. “This big win is not surprising,” according to puppet show critic, Manolo CalcetÍn. “Pupin’s ability to manipulate multiple puppets while keeping his audiences mesmerized is ‘unmatched’ in the world today.” 

Of course you’re a real boy….tovarich

God’s message to humanity

Not long ago, I was made aware of Republican congressman Tim Wahlberg’s comment that “God would ‘take care of climate change if it becomes a real problem’”.

Now I just want to assure Timbo that climate change is, in fact “a real problem”. Hurricanes, wildfires, sea levels rising, air quality… all these things are getting worse and worse for you little humans. 

Last time I was here it was a paradise, what have you done with the place?