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Composers Network presents With Memories – a review by Tim Marriott

Composers Network, an organisation showcasing the work of contemporary music makers, perform an eclectic programme of modern classical pieces performed by Modulus String Quartet, international harpist Alex Rider, New Network Singers, whilst artists Fenya Sharky and Cliff Crawford create and facilitate impressions of the evening with a dementia affected artist. An extraordinarily emotive and cathartic experience of musical, creative and artistic excellence.

With Memories
With Memories Concert by Cliff Crawford
Memory Lane, creating shared moments between dementia sufferers and their carers

Waiting for Hamlet at The Printers Playhouse

Tuesday 29th October at Printers Playhouse, (7 for 7.30 p.m.) an initial reading of David Visick’s award-winning play Waiting For Hamlet performed by Tim Marriott and Nicholas Collett.

This is the first reading of a new play by these two professional actors. Usually, this work is done behind closed doors but we thought it would interesting to give everyone a chance to see how the pros approach a production from the beginning.

Eyes down for a full house

Here is another review of the excellent Bavard Bar

We recently published a review of the Bavard Bar in Eastbourne, concluding that it was rather good. It transpires that Hastings Independent Press has also reviewed the St Leonard’s version. We thought it would be good to share their opinion with you.

If you follow the links, in the extract below, they will take you to the Bavard Bar website and the Hastings Independent Press full review.

It’s good to talk!

The 39 Steps, Devonshire Park Theatre – A Review

The time-honoured spy classic, the 39 Steps, immortalised by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 classic film of the same name, gets a new lease of life at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne. 

Illuminating the stage is a cast of just four, all of whom, with the exception of the impeccably cast lead Oliver Mellor (Coronation Street), play a revolving cast of comic characters, often transforming mid-scene to raucous comic effect.


My Life Closed Twice at Hastings Fringe

This review was originally published on Fringe Review

Low Down

This is a story about living with Schizophrenia. A young man, Joe, develops a relentless cacophony of voices, visions and questionable media stereotypes. They are eating away at his sense of self and he’s gradually falling apart. From the noise appears a young woman in a red hoodie who holds Joe’s hand and helps him, in spite of everything, to carry on.

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