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Man Turns Into Chlorinated Superhero

County Councils and privately run fitness centres across the UK are cock-a-hoop about the discovery of Brian Douglas turning into a superhero from consuming large amounts of imported American chlorinated chicken. 

Chlorine washed chicken, just the way mamma made it
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Chlorine Man!

Lockdown divorce after husband wins the love of his wife’s cat

Gillian Napton hand-reared Tiddles, from kittenhood. Over the years, she loved and cherished Tiddles, taking care of his every need. Most evenings Gillian would lie on the sofa, stroking her pussy. “We are soul mates, I feel I can tell him anything. I know what he’s thinking, Tiddles is my one true love.“

Gillian, stroking her pussy

Why couldn’t he have had an affair, like a normal man?

Where’s Wally sponsor Boris’s world-beating Track and Trace Programme

Where’s Wally are to sponsor Boris Johnson’s world-beating Track and Trace Programme.

A spokesman for the company said, “It seems like a natural fit. If you are out and about, but you ought to be inside, you’re a bit of a Wally, aren’t you? The instructions are clear.”

I see him here, I see him there, he could be anywhere