Pro Brexit Traffic Jam

Pro Brexit ‘Go Slow’ protest on the M62 backfires as journey times speed up

A Pro Brexit public protest has received massive, and unexpected support, from millions of people in the North West. 

Brexiteers arranged a ‘Go Slow’ on the M62. The idea is that they would form up into lines, across the carriage way and drive along at a steady forty miles an hour, thereby holding up all the traffic. This was supposed to send a signal to Parliament that ‘The People’ would not tolerate a delay to Brexit. 

New Men staring at women

New Men are barely evolved semi-sentient apes

Concerns are growing amongst the group dubbed ‘new men’, that their partners have rumbled their inner Neanderthal nature.

Psychologists have defined this internal world as their sub-conscious ‘Benny Hill’. Now women have rumbled their little game and are not happy about it. Awkward questions have been raised.

Margaret Thatcher Funeral procession

Margaret Thatcher to be resurrected on Easter Sunday

Church of England officials are horrified at the Conservatives latest parliamentary bill; proposing to bring Easter forward, in a bid to resurrect Margaret Thatcher.

With hope fading fast for a satisfactory end to the Brexit shit-shamble, this radical plan seems the only option. The exhumation of the Iron Lady seems the only way to rekindle the belief of the Tory Faithful.

He is not The Messiah

He’s Not The Messiah, he’s not even a naughty boy

Scientists, working at the University of Life, have concluded that Nigel Farage is not The Messiah, he’s not even a vary naughty boy!

The confusion arose when Nigel pledged to walk 250 of his people out of oppression and tyranny, to the promised land of London. He’d even laid on a bus.

One noted theologian said, “No, hang on! Isn’t that Moses?”