Theresa May fails Geograph

As the Prime Minister fails Geography, we publish a handy study aid; Can you tell your Bath from your Salisbury?

It’s been a year since the Novichok attack on two Russians in the Wiltshire town of Salisbury. In a vain attempt to generate some favourable non-Brexit publicity, Theresa May decided to pay the poor residents of Salisbury a consoling visit.  

Unfortunately for the Gaffer-in-Chief, arrival photographs posted on Social Media, were pictures of Bath, some 40 miles away. It was almost as though the Prime Minister of The UK wasn’t uploading her own selfies, adding comments as she went along.

Fat contract added to The Fat Controller

Chris Grayling accidently awards the £33 million freight handling contract to Thomas the Tank and The Fat Controller

Last week the Department of Transport publicly admitted they’d made a mess of post Brexit freight handling plans. Many were puzzled as to why the breakdown of the freight contract with a ferry company with no boats, should result in the need to pay £33 million to Eurotunnel, a train operator but hey! that’s politics for you.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary, it’s transpired that following an administrative mix up, the £33 million contract was given to Island of Sodoff Railways rather than Eurotunnel.

Aston's to become unaffordable to those on benefits

Shock as Brexit makes buying an Aston Martin more unaffordable for everyday folk

There was outrage and disbelief across the country as Aston Martin revealed the price of their cars would have to rise, following Brexit.

Many of those working on low wages, whose income is topped up by benefits, have seen no increase in payments this year. This means many won’t be able to upgrade to Aston Martin’s latest model.

Husband and wife don't get on

As psychologists prove men and women are not meant to live together, Marriage Guidance counsellors offer a full refund

Bewildered marriage guidance counsellors, were forced to return customer’s money, admitting that men and women really are from different planets.

With the ‘new man’ allegedly stepping up to the plate, psychologists initially aspired to bridge the chasm in marital communication. Researching how each sex felt their emotional needs were best met, psychologists quickly found a raging gulf between view points.