The Westminster Monkey House

House of Commons stage Ice Dance Spectacular

The production has a working title of “Tragedy on Thin Ice” and starts Priti Patel as Flo, a Princess whose heart has been frozen by an ancient sorcerer called Quill, played by Jacob Rees-Mogg. The detail of the plot is classified as top secret, accordingly, the script has already been accidentally published on-line by an intern updating the COVID-19 weekly statistics.

Skating on thin ice, starring a cast

Government changes procurement rules to the Service Contract Assignment Method (SCAM)

The Government is facing accusations that their Procurement Process is shrouded in mystery, and fails to show how ministers and advisers take their cut. A leaked briefing paper shows how the Government plans to use SCAM, to make this process transparent.

Everyone does it, let’s stop pretending

Isolated tribe of Special Advisers roam the corridors of power

Anthropologists have been called in by Black Rod after the discovery of an isolated tribe of SpAds (Special Advisers) living in the Palace of Westminster. The discovery happened accidentally after builders discovered a previously unknown complex of rooms in the basement of the building.

They have evolved their own brand of Gibberish