With a 2-1 defeat at Man Utd, Mourinho announces that ‘He’s Back!’

Many sports fans agree that since Mourinho’s sacking by Manchester United the Premier League has been a far duller place. Whilst his appointment as the Spurs manager took the football world by surprise, many fans greeted the announcement with a gentle chuckle.

yes, my methods are mysterious and wonderous

VAR Review Overturns Result in Battle of Stalingrad

On the 2nd February 1943 the Battle of Stalingrad, a key strategic location in the Soviet Union over which Nazi Germany and the Soviets had fought doggedly during the course of several months in the middle of World War 2, ended in victory for the hosts and a decimation of the German Sixth Army.

But should it have?

You’re not wrong Jeff!

Derby County – A Moral Example to Us All

Derby County Football Club have emerged today as a bastion, perhaps the last, of decency and honour in the murky, cash-guzzling world of professional football.

The club took a brave, some would say heroic, stance against their own club captain, 33-year-old Richard Keogh, after he sustained career-threatening, long-term injuries in a car accident, having gotten absolutely wankered at a booze-heavy team-building event last month.

Bringing shame on Richard’s everywhere!