Trumpety Trump

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Donald Trump moves up to the 3rd Grade

After being held back for 62 years, Donald Trump graduates to 3rd Grade, with distinction. His teachers claim few students have done so well at recognising simple things; People, Women, Men, Camera and TV. In fact Donnie Wonnie was so good at it, they gave him extra marks.

Person, Woman, Man, CAMERA, tv

Following Boris Johnson’s miraculous recovery, the Pope is to sanctify Donald Trump

President Trump’s latest Twatter post celebrates Boris Johnson’s miraculous recovery and takes the credit for healing the Prime Minister.

Hey, it was nothing, I just said “Hey, God! Come on man!”

The Twat reads, “Congrats to Boris on beating the Chink Disease, I knew you would. I prayed for you, so you got better. God listens to me, that’s why he made me President.”  

I fixed it for Boris, says Donald