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Here at The Chatty Chimp, we like a good laugh. Many of our chimps like to spend their spare time at comedy gigs. So we thought we would like to do something to help up and coming comedians.

We are providing a page for comedians to post details of upcoming gigs and events. Any comedian can post gig details, there is no charge, fee or any reciprocity required.

If you are a comedian and want to donate some free tickets we will be glad to have them, if you want to send in jokes and articles you are more than welcome and if you link us to your social media, we will thank you.

There is no obligation on you to do any of the above. We just like comedy and we know how hard you have to work to make a break through in the comedy business, so if we can help then we are happy to do so.

To add details of your gigs, tours or where you are drinking to our site just complete the comments section below.

N.B, include your name, date, name of club/venue, TOWN, your twitter and Facebook links and any other info you feel is relevant. Details of your gig, tour or legendary drinking event will be added to our front page calendar and will appear in our social media feeds.

BTW, The Town thing really matters, you have no idea how many times we’ve looked for gig details and read posts saying “I’m on tonight at the Funny Shaped Vegetable at 7.30.” This is no good if the reader doesn’t know which Funny Shaped Vegetable venue resides in which funny shaped town. Many of us travel all over the country and would rather see a comedy show than watch the television in a hotel room, we don’t know where all the clubs are. So, the Town, please mention it.

If you want to contact one of our monkeys about your show, or your work, then please email:


The inclusion of any comedians, or their details, on The Chatty Chimp Online Newspaper, in any respect, does not suggest, infer, intimate or state their endorsement of anything produced by The Chatty Chimp. Got it? 

Just because they’ve posted their details doesn’t mean they approve any of the content.

Skeptics and Skeptics In The Pub

We are also fans of all things Skeptical.

Skeptics In The Pub arrange talks, in pubs, by interesting people. Mainly, scientists, researchers and academics who come and talk about their work. The Q&A’s are normally lively and informative. Much better than watching the tele.

So, if any Skeptics want to promote their events, we will be more than glad to promote their event.

Just add your details, as per the comedy. Same disclaimers apply.

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