Paul Currie brings a Must See show to The Fringe

This review was originally published on Fringe Review

Low Down

Strap in for explosive surrealism as we plunge into Paul Curries sparkling mind-satchel of solid gold silliness. Last year’s Comedians Choice Best Show winner is back with something stunningly funny.


The Edinburgh Fringe is dominated by comedy. It’s by far the biggest section in the book. This means there are many talented comedians doing the same type of show. There are a smaller number of acts who are less mainstream and they stand out because of this. And then there is Paul Currie.

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Grant Buse: Touchè Busè – A Review

This review was originally published on Fringe Review on 17 August 2019 by Joe Angella

Low Down

Grant Busè an incredibly talented performer. His award winning brand of musical comedy has been hit at other festivals and it is easy to see why. Unusually for a musical comedian he can do both and so much more. This is not your standard musical comedy performance, this is a showcase. He is a trickster and entertainer, he makes it fun, lots and lots of fun.

Down UNder!

The Reverend Richard Coles: A Simple Country Parson – A Review

Reverend Richard Coles

This review was originally published on Fringe Review on 16 August 2019

Low Down

The Reverend Richard Coles, pop star, media personality and dancer brings his very English sermon to this Edinburgh parish. A telling of some of the most important moments in a life that touched many of the key cultural events of the last forty years. Its told with humour, pathos and delivers a beautiful slice of Englishness to a receptive congregation.

Oh come all ye faithful

ECB to revitalise cricket with the introduction of the One Ball Game

In a desperate bid to attract a new cricket audience the ECB have announced plans to reduce matches to one ball per team.

Ian Napton-Smythe, DfS, GChQ, FghI and ECB Chair, explained his thinking.

“Everyone loves a day at the cricket. Typically one starts the day with a hearty Full English before heading off to the ground for kick off at 11.00 am. Then it’s out with the beer, G&T, or whatever takes your fancy. Nothing is really happening in the game at this point, so it’s an early opportunity to get those alcohol levels up nice and high. Before you know it, it’s time for lunch in the restaurant or maybe a picnic, all washed down with a couple of bottles of claret. Then back to the seat and nice afternoon doze until tea.”


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