All Social Media posts will have to be ‘Police Approved’

Approved for use on Social Media

As the right to be offended brigade swings into action the Government has announced that all Social Media posts require Police approval. The increasing number of people who have become upset after seeing something on the Internet has reached epidemic proportions.  

In order to meet the additional workload, The Police Service are diverting officers from proper police work, like catching; TV Licence dodgers, speeding footballers, Wetherspoon drinkers and the homeless. Now they will ensure that no-one is in the least bit offended by some asinine comment posted on social media.

go on, You know you want to!

Liam Fox manages to negotiate exactly the same trade deal as we already have

Trade Sec does it again

Liam Fox, Britain’s premiere trade negotiator has announced, without a hint of irony, that he has successfully managed to negotiate a post-Brexit trade deal with South Korea.

Under the terms of the deal, we will maintain exactly the same trading conditions that we had with South Korea under the EU.

The delicate and complex negotiations have taken many hours in front of a photocopier with a bottle of tippex.

More? Surely not!

Josh Berry: Voice Thief

Josh Berry

At the age of 23 Josh Berry has already become a regular BBC Radio 4 Contributor, performing in the satirical radio show, Newsjack and Dead Ringers. A very talented young impressionist, Josh takes us on a comedy tour of the modern world.

You can read the full review for this recommended show on Fringe Review, here; Josh Berry: Voice Thief

Josh has a website,

He is on Facebook:

Twitter; @JBImpressions

and if you want a laugh look him up on You Tube. He is going to be a star, he is very talented.

Fannytasticals cum again

The Fannytasticals

After selling out their first run at the Brighton Fringe, the Fannytasticals returned for three extra dates. This 5-piece ensemble, bring an energetic, brash, rude and challenging take on womanhood to an enthusiastic audience. It is not for the easily offended.

Read the full review, for this recommended show at Fringe Review: Fannytasticals cum again . They won The Latest Comedy Award at Brighton Fringe 2019. They are also appearing at this years Edinburgh Fringe.

They are on Facebook at: Fannytasticals

Twitter @fanny_tasticals

After finding out his wedding day was ‘The Best Day of His Life’ Groom gives up

Is this as good as it gets?

After everyone told Ian Napton that his wedding day was ‘The Best Day of His Life’ he has taken the practical decision to respect their opinion and just give up.

“Look, everyone told me my wedding day was ‘The Best Day of My Life’, and yes, it was a good one. There’s no doubt about it, it was a corker. I realised that if that was as good as it gets then, what’s the point? I may as well not bother. So, I decided to crack open a beer, put my feet up and watch Netflix.”

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