RIP Gobby Robinson fearless champion of free speech and England’s saviour

Today all England grieves for the loss of this modern day St George, killed when his Bentley Continental hit a lorry load of gammon, on the M1.

Like many truth and justice campaigners he’d a chequered history prior to his revelation that there was money and power to be had from demonising minorities.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon experimented with many names before settling on a something that would resonate well with the those from a more urban background. He abandoned Andrew McMaster as it was too Scottish and Paul Harris because of its connotations with the other famous Harris, Rolf.  Gobby Robinson, it appears, was more in line with the names of those brave soldiers who died building the British Empire. Continue reading “RIP Gobby Robinson fearless champion of free speech and England’s saviour”

The Great Scottish Whisky Robbery – Whisky Galore 2

Over the last 15 years, sales of Scotch have boomed. This River of Gold has fuelled stunning growth in the Scottish Economy and it’s all down to one man.

Sitting in an Edinburgh Pub an Advertising Executive, called Daniel Mallen, had a very clever idea. As he watched some English golfers, sound off about their Whiskies, he noticed  they tried to out do the other with evermore superlative, and knowledgeable, descriptions of the whisky. It was fruity, smoky, oaky, cokey, fragrant, chocolatey, apparently it had a lovely nose and a long finish. Continue reading “The Great Scottish Whisky Robbery – Whisky Galore 2”

Is Donald McTrump really Scottish?

The Leader of the free world, and President of the United States of America has made much of his Scottish Ancestry. However recent comments have cast doubt as to whether or not the Orange haired wunderkind is really Scottish.

Donald McTrump, speaking about various funding arrangements involving his lawyer and the odd sex worker suggest he may not be as tight fisted as a Scot. Continue reading “Is Donald McTrump really Scottish?”

RIP – Dr Flying Focks, the man who sent Theresa May to conga round The Congo

Sadly, Britain’s lost one of our most anonymous, and least effective, front-line politicians, Dr Flying Focks.

Dr Focks graduated from the University of Glasgow, a feat in itself. After qualifying as a GP, he felt better suited to a career in politics, rather than one where he actually helped people. Continue reading “RIP – Dr Flying Focks, the man who sent Theresa May to conga round The Congo”

Latest exam results are the best ever again

For the fortieth year running, education chiefs have announced that A Level and GCSE exam pass rates have increased yet again.

The A Level pass rate is now up to 94.5689% and the GCSE pass rate sits at 92.456128%.

The annual increase in exam pass rates has become a cause for some controversy as older people fail to understand that every year the intelligence of pupils and ability of teachers increases. Continue reading “Latest exam results are the best ever again”

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