A parcel delivery driver visits the Jackson’s house so often he’s now coming for Xmas dinner

Ian Napton, parcel delivery driver, called so often at one house that he’s now been invited to join the family for Xmas dinner.

I was really flattered to be asked. Most of the time I catch people in the bath, on the toilet or I leave parcels with the neighbours just to annoy them, but something really clicked with the Jackson family.”

Amazon to increase customer delivery updates to every five minutes

In order to improve the customer fulfilment experience, Amazon have decided to increase the ordered items email and text updates, to every five minutes.

Focus groups determined customers experienced anxiety, when dealing with an Amazon order, by not knowing the location of Granny’s £4.99 slippers every minute of the day.

Heads to roll at Amazon after receiving a £1.7 mill tax bill

Heads are expected to roll at the UK division of Amazon after an undetected internal accounting error meant that the company has become liable for UK Corporation Tax of £1.7m.

The company, which would have beaten Apple to the crown of “first $1trn company” nine years ago if it hadn’t been for its merciless tax mitigation department, is still ranked less profitable in the UK than Toys R Us, Maplin and Aunt Emily’s Corner Shop in Devizes.