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Compass Community Art present an exhibition of satirical works

The Chatty Chimp is delighted to be supporting local charity Compass Community Arts and the projects that they provide in and around Eastbourne.

Our first collaboration will be an exhibition of satirical artwork providing a unique commentary on the biggest issue facing our generation, Brexit.

Satirical art show about Brexit

Favourite for The Turner Prize is some used and discarded ‘Cardboard’

A piece of work called ‘Cardboard’ is the surprise favourite for this year’s  Turner Prize.

Initially, this challenging sculpture represents an uninteresting piece of used cardboard. Shown in flat form, it suggests discardation, waste and effluence. Palely lit by a distant, flickering, fluorescent light, ‘Cardboard’ is displayed in a rear service corridor at The State of It Gallery.
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Architectural award goes to a field covered in tarmac

Consternation in Eastbourne as an exciting new arts and theatre complex wins the countries top architectural prize. The award of The Napton, given to the new building or installation that best exemplifies use of material and space in a contemporary setting; is seen as a major endorsement of the council’s controversial £320 Million cultural hub project. 

However, critics, Philistines and other illiterati, claim this is the council wasting the people’s money, once again. There was much local opposition to the Mayor’s vanity project. Continue reading “Architectural award goes to a field covered in tarmac”