Management and Staff Training Courses are not a cults says Chief Visioneer, Charles Daniels

Chief Visioneer, Charles Daniels, denies claims that Management and Staff Development Programmes are cults,  using pseudoscience to create corporate drones from businesses that should know better.

Mr Daniels explained, “It’s not unreasonable for a companies, such as RoBSu Bank for example, to  want fully envisioned staff. The Bank realises meaningfully engaged, and inspired workers are good news for The Bank, its customers and The Bank. I know that for the enormous fee I’m charging them I’m certainly energivisioned for positivation at  150% of capacitational awareness.”

Amazon to increase customer delivery updates to every five minutes

In order to improve the customer fulfilment experience, Amazon have decided to increase the ordered items email and text updates, to every five minutes.

Focus groups determined customers experienced anxiety, when dealing with an Amazon order, by not knowing the location of Granny’s £4.99 slippers every minute of the day.