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Edinburgh Festival acts demand to be paid in pounds to reduce losses

Here at Chatty, there’s nothing we like better than live entertainment, and especially live comedy, so we’re really excited now that the Edinburgh Festival is on. We can look forward to comedians we know and have seen before and plenty of others we haven’t.

Performers have poured blood, sweat, tears and cash into taking their shows to Edinburgh, and all without absolute assurance that sufficient tickets will be sold to recover their outlay. Financially, it’s a risky business. 


The Pound achieves parity with The Peanut

In a historic day for Britain’s finances The Pound achieved parity with The Peanut. The Governments devaluation strategy, using the Brexit mechanism, has worked. This morning The Pound plummeted past The Euro and The Banana before settling at one Peanut.

The Government claim this is a fantastic opportunity for their friends to trade peanuts, many had already short sold The Pound and filled their bird feeders.

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