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Alabama offers political asylum to Tommy Robinson

Following release from one of Her Majesty’s finest hotels, Tommy Robinson has sent out a world-wide plea for political asylum.

Rejected by the electorate, incarcerated by an unforgiving judiciary and disavowed as a racist shite stirrer by his friends at the Daily Mail all he is looking for is a new start and, ironically, as an economic migrant keen to adapt to their ways, an even bigger income.

It’s just not British

Last Night of The Proms EU flag waving contagious claim Brexiteers

Brexiteers have flooded the BBC with complaints after noticing that the Last Night of The Proms was awash with concert goers waving Blue EU Flags.

In a concert featuring music from some of Europe’s greatest composers and played by a multi-national orchestra Brexiteers thought this was another BBC Remainer plot.

Beware the little blue flags!