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The Silent Majority, Choir Invisibule and Absent Friends join Trump Rally

On Saturday Donald Trump held a rally for the The Silent Majority, the Choir Invisibule, and Absent Friends. The event at the BOK Center in Tulsa was massively oversubscribed, drawing a host of millions.

Many of you have travelled more than 24 hours to be here

Political transfer market is open for business

A football-style transfer market has been suggested for politicians, some of whom are looking nervously over their shoulders.

The well-known cock-up artist and habitual liar, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, leads the free transfer market, as no other country, not even America, is willing to take him off Britain’s hands.

Do i hear £20 and lick of my lolly for Boris?

Following Boris Johnson’s miraculous recovery, the Pope is to sanctify Donald Trump

President Trump’s latest Twatter post celebrates Boris Johnson’s miraculous recovery and takes the credit for healing the Prime Minister.

Hey, it was nothing, I just said “Hey, God! Come on man!”

The Twat reads, “Congrats to Boris on beating the Chink Disease, I knew you would. I prayed for you, so you got better. God listens to me, that’s why he made me President.”  

I fixed it for Boris, says Donald