The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk loses his testicles on a visit to Luxembourg

The Incredible Hulk visited Luxembourg for a very important meeting with his good friend, Xavier. In order to make The Hulk feel welcome, Xav had arranged for a crowd to gather outside to chant The Hulk’s name, this was the sort of thing he liked. Unfortunately, the mob had received the wrong memo and they were most uncomplimentary.

Faced with a rowdy mob to deal with, the Incredible Hulk went off to the Little Boy’s Chambre to compose himself. It was then that he discovered his big green balls were missing.

Last Night of The Proms EU flag waving contagious claim Brexiteers

Brexiteers have flooded the BBC with complaints after noticing that the Last Night of The Proms was awash with concert goers waving Blue EU Flags.

In a concert featuring music from some of Europe’s greatest composers and played by a multi-national orchestra Brexiteers thought this was another BBC Remainer plot.

Stop making sh*t up

“I’m Not Boris” says his election opponent

Political opponents of Boris Johnson have taken lessons from the Prime Minister himself and decided it’s no longer necessary to be fair, transparent or truthful.

In the knowledge that at the last General Election, Johnson coasted home in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency with more votes than all of the other candidates combined, the other parties have decided that this can’t be allowed to happen again and that it would be particularly delicious if the Old Etonian lost his seat altogether next time. To facilitate this, they have decided to run just one independent candidate against him on an “I’m not Boris” ticket. The lucky fellow is Ian Napton and he will enjoy the support of everybody who isn’t a brainwashed Tory.