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Lorry drivers can pre-book their own space in the Brexit traffic jam

Hauliers and lorry drivers wishing to cross The Channel from 1 January 2021 are being offered the opportunity to book a place in the queue on the M20.

If you accept you’re going to be in a jam, it doesn’t mean you have to actually be there!

Australia transports Tony Abbott to Britain

Former Australian Prime Minister, and national embarrassment, Tony Abbott is undergoing transportation to Britain.

The Australian Government, long concerned about their worldwide reputation, didn’t know what to do with the former Prime Minister. Eventually a think tank came up with the idea of transporting him back to the Old Country.

“And you can keep the bugger!” Bruce

AI Programme, Tantrum Extremis v10, takes over Brexit negotiations

In an eleventh-hour attempt to snatch a vanquishment from the jaws of defeat in the EU trade negotiations, the Government is deploying a world-beating Artificially Intelligent trade negotiator called Tantrum Extremis. It is built by Agrada (the Mutant AI who successfully performed as a scapegoat for the A level grading fiasco).

I’ve got this ain in the diodes on my left side