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Lockdown divorce after husband wins the love of his wife’s cat

Gillian Napton hand-reared Tiddles, from kittenhood. Over the years, she loved and cherished Tiddles, taking care of his every need. Most evenings Gillian would lie on the sofa, stroking her pussy. “We are soul mates, I feel I can tell him anything. I know what he’s thinking, Tiddles is my one true love.“

Gillian, stroking her pussy

Why couldn’t he have had an affair, like a normal man?

Cupid issues a public apology to Carrie Symonds

“Carrie, I’d like to say how sorry I am. It shouldn’t have turned out like this.” said Cupid, before going on to explain.

“I saw Carrie sitting in her flat with a bottle of Lambrini and a cat. I thought “this won’t do”. You can’t have a beautiful, rich, white girl sitting at home, bemoaning her lot in life, she is one of the chosen. So I tried to fix things.

Boris was not the blonde haired, blue eyed hunk I was looking for

Grandad sent to a home after buying a copy of The Daily Mail

The Napton family has come to the sad realisation that it was time for Grandad to go into a home.

The trouble started when Grandad went to the local shop for a packet of Werthers Originals and came back with a copy of the Daily Mail. The embarrassed family immediately called an emergency meeting. After a quick chat, they decided that, even though he was only 58, it was time for him to go into a home. Grandma was delighted.

The Daily Mail, really? Oh! Grandad, How could you?