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Brexit Party storms to victory in the latest round of Statues

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Brexit Party caused up an upset in the adult round of the children’s game of Statues.

Held in Strasbourg, the latest round featured teams from all over Europe. The Germans were heavy favourites to win, although their recent form has been a little shaky.

The plucky Brexit Party signalled their intent when they entered the arena, holding hands. Initially, this seemed to be a demonstration of solidarity, although it turned out that it was to stop several of the squad wandering off in a demented haze.

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SAS to test lethal Milkshakes under battle conditions

Battl shakes away

Following COBRA’s emergency ‘Milkshake Menace’ meeting, the SAS are to test Milkshakes tactical effectiveness under battle conditions.

As the number of Milkshakings have increased our brave politicians have had first-hand experience of Milkshakes offensive capabilities. The recent spate of attacks have left some rich politicians with a dry-cleaning bill running into pounds. Continue reading “SAS to test lethal Milkshakes under battle conditions”

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