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What happens when you steal the work of @BarristerSecret?

Recently Boris Johnson tried to make political capital following the recent terror attack, on London Bridge. He did through lies and misinformation. @BarristerSecret published a detailed response showing why our Prime Minster was wrong.

Pinocchio Johnson inspires Chatty to make a Tee Shirt, a donation to the FRU for everyone sold

Breaking News – Nicola Sturgeon's Acceptance Speech

Can I just say how delighted I am by this result. With there only being one party in Scotland it was a real honour for us to finish second. Nothing characterises being Scottish more than losing, especially when winning seemed the easier option.

SNP, nearly winning
Scotland, the playground for the English Middle-Classes

Breaking News – The Boris Johnson acceptance speech

Well, what ho! Hey! What what! no one expected that.

Absolutely brilliant, what a night. Best night of action I’ve had since I stayed at Jennifer’s. Brilliant. Yes, ho-hum, well, we nearly won, we almost made it. Now some words. Yes.

Look at me!
Well, that was fun, let’s do it agaiin!

Breaking News – Nigel Farage's acceptance speech

“Well, what a night for the Brexit Party. A party which didn’t even exist two years ago and won’t exist any more in a few weeks’ time.

This is the greatest of victories. We may have no seats but we’ve polled nearly three million votes across the country and we’ve had a couple of almost seconds, several fourths and an honourable mention in Rochester. Clearly we are in tune with the British people.

I can hear her Maj saying ‘Arise Sir Nigel De Kent’