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Accidental community hero honoured by his neighbours

A community is honouring an accidental hero, for his valiant efforts, to support his neighbours during social distancing.

With his heralded golf club closed for the foreseeable, Ian Napton like many, was faced with a daunting void in his social calendar. With this in mind, his quick thinking wife Gillian suggested, that they ‘embark on studying and practising daily tantric sex.

Its shut, what do i do now?
It was nothing, what else are you going to do whilst the golf club is closed?

Donald Trump Opens A New Hotel And Golf Course – On The Moon

The news comes after Mr Trump announced through his official channel – Twitter – that he is planning on opening the Trump Intergalactic Luxury Collection Resort and Golf Course on Earth’s Moon in January of 2020.

“Yeah, sure, we know it’s an ambitious project, but the Russians have had a Moonbase for, like, years, and Apple has one, and the Pope has one, so I want a hotel. And a golf course. That’s not a lot to ask”

Fore! Fore!

President is inept claims Ambassador but Trump says he’s never been there!

Donald Trump has responded to accusations, contained in an email sent by Britain’s top diplomat, that he is inept.

In a tweet, The President explained that he wasn’t in Ept, furthermore he had never been to Ept, he’d never heard of Ept and it was the last place he would ever ‘fuckin’’ go, he doesn’t even like pyramids. Before adding that this appears to be more Fake News, designed to put him ‘in Dutch’ with his wife.

Fake News, fAKE nEWS screams baby

Grandad moves golf club after finding out his mates are Facebook racists

Golfer, Ian Napton, has moved from his local club since discovering his playing partners are Facebook racists.

The trouble started when his grandchildren persuaded him to join Facebook. It was all very exciting, his golf mates were regular users and they were soon following each other. They shared jokes, news and posts. Continue reading “Grandad moves golf club after finding out his mates are Facebook racists”