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Ryan Air launch Calais/Dover Ferry Service

As a result of the pandemic, Ryan Air is reorganising its operation and bringing their low-cost travel model to the passenger ferry market. Ryan Ferry.

“With the drop off in demand for air travel, we see new opportunities in the cross-channel ferry market. Demand for transport to the UK, has risen dramatically in recent weeks.

Room for one more int he back of the boat

Chris Grayling earns his own chapter in The Book of Heroic Failures

The former Minister for Cock-Up’s, Chris T! Grayling has been rewarded with his own chapter in the best-selling, Book of Heroic Failures.

Beating many of his contemporaries, Chris Grayling has risen to the top of his profession. When it comes to the colossal cock-up, he is without equal.

grayling; An insignificant little fish

Attempts to organise a piss-up in a brewery on hold

Education Secretary and human by pure technicality, Gavin Williamson, has today announced that his latest side project, attempting to organise a piss-up in a brewery, has been shelved indefinitely after a series of high-profile clangers resulted in multiple deaths. 

Party organiser, Gavin Williamson
I only wanted the chaps to have a nice time!

Where’s Wally sponsor Boris’s world-beating Track and Trace Programme

Where’s Wally are to sponsor Boris Johnson’s world-beating Track and Trace Programme.

A spokesman for the company said, “It seems like a natural fit. If you are out and about, but you ought to be inside, you’re a bit of a Wally, aren’t you? The instructions are clear.”

I see him here, I see him there, he could be anywhere