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Scientists baffled why 1st Monday in Feb is National Sickie Day

Social scientists at Credulous College are baffled as to why the first Monday in February should be the day most people call in sick. It has become known as National Sickie Day.

Woman Raising a glass
You can stick your dry January…..

Data analysis has revealed that across the country hundreds of thousands of people declare the day a write-off and take to their beds.

I think I’m coming down with something, No, I’ll be alright tomorrow

Having read a book on anatomy Old Guy retires from satire to be a Doctor

It is with heavy heart that I announce my retirement from snarky commentary on world events. I am embarking on a new, exciting endeavour. Inspired by my close friend, Jared “Nepotizzy” Kushner, I am going to hang out my shingle. (Sorry for the old-timey phrase, it means I’m going into business.)

Kushy Kushner
Jared Kushner at his father side, totally on merit
What’s up doc?

Doctor confirms patient doesn’t have dementia, he’s just thick

Ian Napton (57) visited his Doctor after friends, family and work colleagues became worried about his declining mental health. Concerns were raised after he announced he had voted for Brexit, which surprised many, including his French wife Gillian.

They decided to keep a close eye on him and soon started noticing small but significant changes in Ian’s behaviour. He seemed unable to follow simple instructions, operate the hoover, make a cup of tea, or remember it was his round. He was confused by simple TV programmes such as Colombo, Strictly and Britain’s Got Talent.