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Just Do It…..tomorrow….or whenever

Just do it tomorrow

This week, Chatty is going to be taking a look at procrastination. Not today, obviously. Probably later in the week, or maybe next week. Yes, next week sounds better.

We recognise the cost suffered by chimps, people, businesses and the economy as a whole as a result of unnecessary delays, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re going to be hosting a conference on the subject in 2021.

Read this later! Whenever!

Trout pout woman wrongly treated for anaphylactic shock

Trout pout

An investigation is underway, following an incident of mistaken diagnosis, when a woman was incorrectly treated for a severe allergic reaction.

After undergoing cosmetic surgery on her lips, Gillian Napton found herself being unwittingly bundled into the back of an ambulance, while a potentially life saving injection was administered. Continue reading “Trout pout woman wrongly treated for anaphylactic shock”

Cerberus becomes head receptionist at a busy Doctors Surgery

Cerberus Hound of hell, guardian of the Doctors Surgery

Cerberus, the viscous three headed guardian of the underworld has taken over as Head Receptionist at Birmingham’s busy Gwyneth Paltrow GP Surgery.

Dr Ian Napton defended the radical appointment “With the Government’s health service cuts, GP lists are too long. In order to fit in golf and holidays we need to ensure Doctor’s see the fewest number of people. The Receptionist plays a key role in keeping patients out of the surgery with only the most determined getting an appointment.” Continue reading “Cerberus becomes head receptionist at a busy Doctors Surgery”

Unalterable People’s Vote means homeopathy will be used to treat Heart Disease

Homeopathy to treat heart disease

It’s Homeopathy! The results are finally in, the science of woo has won the referendum. Following a hard fought, bitter, campaign that saw a lot of strong emotional appeals, Britain has today committed to inalienably altering its attempts to combat heart disease.

The Conservative MP, Lloyd Duncan, explained, “Clearly we, elected members of parliament, were unqualified to decide such a complex matter as the future of heart disease treatment in this country and so, in accordance with modern traditions, we have laid out a range of options before the people in the form of a referendum.” Continue reading “Unalterable People’s Vote means homeopathy will be used to treat Heart Disease”

Neanderthal declared fit to work by ATOS

Neanderthal Skeleton undergoing an ATOS interview

Neanderthal, Jan Naptonmann, was declared fit for work after ATOS undertook an ‘At Home’ inspection of the 150,000  year old, Welsh resident.

Although, the DWP acknowledge his wide range of health problems, they say they aren’t a barrier to him getting a job. The Inspector feels withdrawing benefits would give Jan the motivation he needs to find employment. Continue reading “Neanderthal declared fit to work by ATOS”

Mental Health Self Checking System to replace Doctors

Mental Health Self Checking Machine

With mental health issues reaching a record high, the government have introduced a revolutionary ‘self-checkout system’.

Aimed at quelling the mental health crisis, self-checkouts will be trialled at supermarkets, bridges and train stations. Sponsored by Dignitas, each unit encourages sufferers to input their symptoms, then wait for automated feedback. Continue reading “Mental Health Self Checking System to replace Doctors”

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