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Staycation? You’ve got to be kidding

Middle class families have laughed in the face of the UK tourist industry’s suggestion of taking ‘staycations’ when the travel restrictions are relaxed.

Beleaguered holiday businesses can expect little support from the middle class as they still intend to jet off to ‘sunnier climes’ as soon as they’re allowed.

Intelligence Test for travellers
Bring on the signorinas
Ducks beards garcon, toot sweet!

‘For God’s sake buy her Valentine’s Day flowers’ warns regretful idiot

Self proclaimed modern man, Ian Napton has been left in a state of shock, after his genius idea ‘to swerve Valentine’s Day’, hugely backfired.

Napton announced his intention to abstain from the ‘commercial venture, allegedly ‘to avoid belittling’ his wife Gillian, with a show of ‘demeaning patriarchal tradition.’

Of course I love you darling, it’s just I can’t be bothered to get you anything

Ryan Air pilots plan to ruin summer by flying planes as scheduled

Ryan Air Pilots have pledged to ruin summer for millions of travellers as part of their ongoing industrial dispute with management. The Pilots plan to run a full service, on time and with as little disruption as possible.

A distraught father of four, Ian Napton, “This is a disaster. I booked tickets with Ryan Air because I thought the flight would end up being cancelled. I haven’t even booked a hotel in Alicante, there didn’t seem any point.”

Were all going on a summer holiday!