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Apple are the big winners as Huawei lose Voice of God contract

God has booted Huawei out of the Voice of God network.

The Voice of God network is out of date and in need of an upgrade. In the relentless battle for likes, clicks and followers, billions of people are using the social media “Pray For …” channels and the system can’t cope. This means Heaven needs to upgrade to Big G.

It was a very tempting offer, says God

The Internet cannot be broken by a post about plastic hooks, says Expert

Experts confirm that the internet cannot be broken by a packet of plastic stick-on hooks, not matter how good the VFM.

Toshitone Industries make the spectacular claim on Facebook. They say that the internet is going so wild for yellow plastic hooks that you can stick on to a flat surface with double-sided sticky tape, that it is broken!

Toshitone INdustries for all your hanging needs

Remember to delete your browsing history before you’re admitted to hospital

With rapidly rising death rates, the Government are appealing to people to delete their internet browsing histories.

As people die suddenly, families are trawling through computers and laptops, in search of accounts with money in. Much to their surprise, they’re discovering some rather sensitive material.

He searched for what?

Netflix to buy ITV 1970s comedy, Crossroads and Mrs Brown’s Boys

Netflix is to reduce streaming quality by buying ITV’s 1970s comedy, back episodes of Crossroads and Mrs Brown’s Boys.

I’m a man! and that is the joke

The Internet is struggling to cope with the increased demand, caused by so many people self-isolating and home working. As a result, the streaming giant needs to reduce the amount of material being downloaded from its servers.

What do you mean Mrs Brown’s Boys is poor quality?

Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fall, following TV documentary

Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fell sharply following a recently aired music documentary. Shown on the History Channel, over three days, it has led to a sharp decline in digital music sales. Outraged fans started a nationwide boycott of the World’s number one selling banjoist. An artist who performed to sell-out crowds and revolutionised Banjoism.

On Wednesday night, the History Channel aired the first part of their documentary ‘Inside the Third Reich’. Consequently, by Thursday morning music outlets were noticing a clear downward trend.  Continue reading “Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fall, following TV documentary”