Hitler's Banjo Boogie Album

Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fall, following TV documentary

Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fell sharply following a recently aired music documentary. Shown on the History Channel, over three days, it has led to a sharp decline in digital music sales. Outraged fans started a nationwide boycott of the World’s number one selling banjoist. An artist who performed to sell-out crowds and revolutionised Banjoism.

On Wednesday night, the History Channel aired the first part of their documentary ‘Inside the Third Reich’. Consequently, by Thursday morning music outlets were noticing a clear downward trend. 

Prince Philip crashes his car doing the Bird Box challenge

Managing to avoid killing himself or anyone else, Prince Philip made a pigs ear of the Bird Box Challenge, after his Land Rover careered into a Ford Kia.

It’s believed that Phil and Liz watched the hit Netflix horror movie on the night before the accident. They like to keep abreast of modern trends, and had noted the Bird Box Challenge was popular on the Internet. 

Bank hit by a ‘Technical’ glitch after a customer tries to withdraw their own money

Lloyds Bank suffered yet another embarrassing technical glitch, after Ian Napton attempted to draw his own money out of his account.

He requested £80, the transaction appeared to be proceeding as normal when the ATM asked “Are you sure?” He hit, “Yes“.

The machine said, “We’ve seen your statement, you’ll only waste it. Are you sure you want to do that?“. Again, he responded, “Yes”.