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Poverty “not as good as I expected,” says Catty Popkins

Failed pantomine villain Catty Popkins has said she would like to go back to having money, please, after just two days of watching daytime TV and wearing pyjamas in Tesco.

The former professional bigot, who had previously claimed that poverty was a lifestyle choice,  says she gave her new circumstances a jolly good go for most of the first day before deciding that having no money, opportunity or hope isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Continue reading “Poverty “not as good as I expected,” says Catty Popkins”

RIP Hatie Hopkins a great loss to a once proud nation

We are devastated to report the unfortunate and untimely death of beloved local celebrity, and freedom of speech campaigner, Hatie Hopkins.

Hatie rose to public prominence when she almost managed to open a successful market stall in Sugar Street. Subsequently, her much loved public appearances have drawn small crowds and attracted little attention. In an attempt to desperately increase her media profile, she proceeded to lose a series of high profile court cases. Eventually forcing her to sell her home and enter into an IVA.
Continue reading “RIP Hatie Hopkins a great loss to a once proud nation”

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