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Booker Prize For Fiction goes to Dominic Cummoffit

A surprise late entry wins the Booker Prize for Outstanding Piece of Fiction. The Road to Bernards Cattle, by Dom Cummoffit wasn’t originally entered into the annual contest. However, the judges felt that public interest in the book merited its entry.

A fantastic tale of incomprehensible nonsense

Climate protestor tested positive for Banana and Salted Caramel Milkshake

A Conservative MP has been praised for saving dozens of fatcat bankers from a potential milkshaking.

The protestor who burst into the bankers’ dinner party was later found to have minute quantities of ‘a dairy-related substance’ on her hands and clothes, indicating she had recently been in the presence of milkshake, or a similar deadly weapon such as yoghurt.

Do You want some? Do you?

Under GDPR police are unable to arrest a graffiti artist who used his own name

After tagging his own name, a graffiti artist has got away with his crime after Police admitted they were powerless to act, under GDPR.

Under GDPR anyone whose information is held by  third party has to give explicit consent for their data to be used. However, without the explicit consent of the artist, police are unable to act on this information. Continue reading “Under GDPR police are unable to arrest a graffiti artist who used his own name”