Hitler's Banjo Boogie Album

Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fall, following TV documentary

Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fell sharply following a recently aired music documentary. Shown on the History Channel, over three days, it has led to a sharp decline in digital music sales. Outraged fans started a nationwide boycott of the World’s number one selling banjoist. An artist who performed to sell-out crowds and revolutionised Banjoism.

On Wednesday night, the History Channel aired the first part of their documentary ‘Inside the Third Reich’. Consequently, by Thursday morning music outlets were noticing a clear downward trend. 

Middle classes empathise with the poor after paying £250 for a seat at the theatre

The lavish hit west-end musical; The Poor, Poor Waitress on Benefits, has received unanimous acclaim for is portrayal of a young woman in an inner city, working 70 hours a week on minimum wage whilst trying to raise her pet Chihuahua.

The middle classes have praised its gritty unflinching realism, of a life without avocado and poached quails eggs for breakfast.

RIP – Sir Cliff Pritchard India’s greatest rocker

High profile singer, Christian and bachelor, Sir Cliff Pritchard, has passed away, aged 78.

The singer, whose natural audience all died some thirty to forty years ago, continued to publish dreadful music until his untimely death. Music journalists have redefined the word “untimely” especially for Sir Cliff, to mean “at least twenty-five years too late.”

Hey Ho Hop artists, The Somerset Paddy Ticklers are surprise favourites to win big at the MTV (EU) Awards

Sunday 4th November sees the annual MTV (EU) Award ceremony, to be held in Bilbao. This year’s ceremony looks like throwing up a surprise or two with traditional English counter-culture band, The Somerset Paddy Ticklers tipped to pick up a couple of awards.