Dr Who

Dr Who’s Tardis overrun by CBD Selling hipsters

A Glasgow-based Doctor Who internet nerd has become enraged that the TARDIS-style police telephone boxes around the city centre are now selling CBD.

Cormac Andrews (34 ½) complained on Doctor Who nerd Valhalla Gallifrey Base this week that he is now unable to go on his Sunday pilgrimage and take photos with these “TARDISes” because they are outfitted as vendors of legal Cannabis oil.

Jeremy Chunt

RIP Jeremy Chunt – The man who beat off strong competition to become the most hated Tory MP

We are sad to report the untimely demise of controversial politician and fearless Health Service champion, Jeremy Chunt.

His outstanding political achievement was, as Health Secretary, becoming Britain’s most disliked politician. The value of this award shouldn’t be underestimated given the competition, within the Tory Government, for this top honour.

Many in the media had difficulty in correctly pronouncing his unusual surname, although Jim Naughtie and Justin Webb on Radio 4, famously, managed to get it right.

Trout pout

Trout pout woman wrongly treated for anaphylactic shock

An investigation is underway, following an incident of mistaken diagnosis, when a woman was incorrectly treated for a severe allergic reaction.

After undergoing cosmetic surgery on her lips, Gillian Napton found herself being unwittingly bundled into the back of an ambulance, while a potentially life saving injection was administered.