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DUP outraged to discover homosexuality isn’t compulsory

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Northern Ireland and DUP member and church leader, the Rev Ian Napton, is absolutely outraged to find out that having a same-sex relationship is not compulsory.

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Boris unveils plans to rub out the word ‘Backstop’ from the Withdrawal Act

Today, at the Tory Party Conference, Boris Johnson unveiled his big Brexit busting plan.

In short, Boris has pledged to get a big rubber and erase the word ‘Backstop’ from Theresa May’s Withdrawl Agreement. Everything else stays the same.

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Theresa say’s ‘F**k You’ to the DUP by legalising gay marriage

The House of Commons has decided that the law of the UK should apply to all the country.

In, what is widely seen as Theresa May’s last ‘F**k You!’ to the DUP, Parliament voted to legalise gay marriage in the province. This brings Northern Ireland in line with other religious fundamentalist states such as Alabama.

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DUP say “Thanks for the money, Theresa, but we’re off now”

Theresa May and Arlene Foster are on the verge of divorcing ahead of this months budget speech. This could spell disaster for Theresa May’s future plans, as without the support of the nice people from Norn Ireland her government doesn’t have a working majority and she may well lose her position.

It’s thought the split has occurred as the DUP have spent the £1 Billion Theresa gave them and without further funding, Arlene doesn’t see any point in running the country any longer.  Continue reading “DUP say “Thanks for the money, Theresa, but we’re off now””